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preschool camp

June 20th - June 24th

9:00am - 12:00pm

Ages 3 - 5 years old 

Have your children join our coaches for a morning or afternoon of fun here at CSC! We will be holding a multi-sport camp for preschool aged children! 

Our camp is full of fun, game based activities for all. This can be a great way to plan ahead of schedule - that way you as parents or caretakers can have a few hours of your day to yourself.


We have updated our registration process. Please follow the steps below... 


1. Sign up for classes through our self service portal

2. Complete our registration and waiver paperwork & make sure you upload your child(ren's) most recent physical, where prompted.

(This MUST be completed in order for your child to come to camp)



Full Week: $195.00

Individual Day: $45.00

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